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U12 Boys Team Rosters

Congratulations to all players for a great tryout week!

For grievances or comments please respect and follow the 24 hour cool off period before reaching out to a board member. 

Coaches and/or managers will be reaching out within 72 hours.


U12 A Boys

Beckham Bettin
Xander Birchall
Brady Cox
Michael Doherty
Samuel Dombrovski
Thomas Garvin
Ashton Hausauer
Henry Helgerson
Wyatt Irlbeck
Griffin Johnson
Kolton Jones
Evan Kreyer
Chase Lawrence
Axel Loehrer
Nolan Loing
Hunter Magill
Logan Mcmann
Elias Omann
Eli Plisch
Owen Peltier
Nolan Salzmann
Willy Wagner
Wyatt Walther
Austin Zannon

 U12 B Boys

Sebastian Banna
Noah Bassett
Leo Benvenuti
Cullen Case III
Carter Champ
Kellen Edlund
Vinny Grosso
Shay Hamilton
Thomas Hastings
Gabriel Johnston
Kassius Junker
Ethan Larson
Thomas Malon
Henry Nitti
Carter Richie
William Schneider
Ryley Schouveller
Bentley Sender
Soren Sievwright
Brayden Smith
Keegan Smith
Boden Swartz
Anders Sanchez
August Swenson

Girls U14 Teams

Congratulations to all players for a great tryout week!

For grievances or comments please respect and follow the 24 hour cool off period before reaching out to a board member. 

Coaches and/or managers will be reaching out within 72 hours.

U14 A - 

Anna Garvin
Ava Lunak
Bradee Sargent
Camryn Slachta
Chloe Simon
Ciana Ferris


Georgia Frascone
Grace Meisterling
Gracelyn Goulet
Heidi Anderson
Jaida Junttonen
Kylie Zrust
Logan Guelig
Natalie Schultz
Penny Bushman
Rowynn Martens
Taylor Roland


U14 B - 

Alice Feidler
Avery Mueller
Becca Heieren
Bristol Korba
Carly Roubik
Claire Thompson
Emma Daigle
Grace Hill
Hadley Kennedy
Layla Robinson
Lucy Axel
Megan Morrow
Merritt Collyard
Rowan Cunningham
Scarlett McPherson
Sydney Bergstad
Trinity Gohl
Vanessa Villarreal
Veda Conlin



Girls U12 Teams

U12 A - 

Addison Holbeck
Anastasia Strong
Brooklyn Beck
Catherine Karkula
Emery Thompson
Emilia Donohue
Eva Tierney
Harlow Martens
Harper Galvin
Harper Eastman
Kara Nickleby
Katherine Breimhurst
Kennedy Mccarty
Lilly Fitzgerald
Lucy (LB) Wallace
Macy Kennedy
Mckenna Jones
Mila Alm
Molly Mcglynn
Vienna Fatheree


U12 B -

Adalyn LaBossiere
Addilyne Hoffman
Annalise Lokken
Audry Richert
Bella Behrens
Brenda Askenette
Brooke Ferris
Caroline Hannigan
Claire Merrick
Cora Hanson
Felia Purpera
Hadley Engesser
Jordan Anderson
Kinsley Griffin
Mila Pavel
Morgan Klug
Norah Helms
Scout Norman
Stella Marks
Zosia Whitehead


As a non-profit organization, we try to keep the fees as low as possible to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. We are forced to make decisions on equipment, uniforms, league fees, tournaments, paid coaching commitments and general operating costs months before the season starts to ensure we are prepared for the season. Because we must make these decisions and incur expenditures so far in advance SALA has adopted a no-refund policy with regards to all registration fees. There will be no exceptions to the following rules beyond the exceptions listed below.

The only exceptions to this policy would be:

  1. If a participant decides to drop from the program prior to the start of the first clinic (full registration refund minus administrative $25 non-refundable deposit).
  2. If a participant decides to drop from the program during the clinic season but prior to tryouts (50% refunded registration fee minus a $25 administrative non-refundable deposit & $80 uniform fee).
  3. In the event that the child was medically unable to participate. A note from a doctor on letterhead indicating that the participant cannot participate is required.
    1. If a parent has requested a refund due to medical reasons prior to the start of the try-out process they will receive a full registration refund minus a $25 administrative non-refundable deposit & $80 uniform fee.
    2. If a child has participated in a practice, but has not participated in any games, they can receive a 50% medical refund.
    3. No refunds will be issued after season game play has commenced.


There will be no refunds issued in the following situations:

  1. If tryouts have begun, there will be no refund.
  2. If after tryouts a participant is pulled onto a high school team (9th grade, JV, or Varsity), there will be no refund or fee offset.
  3. If a participant is injured during season game play and cannot finish the season, there will be no refund.

We appreciate your understanding of this policy.


**The SALA Board reserves the right to waive this refund policy at its sole discretion at any time. All requests for refunds must be presented in writing to Such a waiver shall generally be in response to extenuating or highly unusual circumstances, and in no event shall the Board be obligated to waive this refund policy. There will be no exception to the $25 administrative non-refundable deposit & $80 uniform fee deduction from any refund.

SALA Level Up and Down Policy

The SALA Board of Directors members have received numerous questions and comments over the years regarding the possibility of exceptionally-skilled players "moving" up to play with teams above their designated age brackets.  In years past, this may or may not have been allowed due to circumstance.  However, in the interest of fairness and transparency for all players in the SALA program, the Board has decided to implement a policy regarding this practice so that the expectations are clear for all involved.

We would like to hear from our families regarding the proposed policy, which is included below for your reference; whether you agree with the policy or oppose the policy as written, please respond to the Board of Directors with your comments.  Detailed feedback is critical on both sides, whether you agree or disagree with the policy, explain why you feel that way and propose alternatives.  

With evaluations coming up this weekend, we will look to finalize the policy by the end of the week, so please respond as soon as possible.  If we don't hear from you, we won't be able to make an informed decision that benefits all of SALA, so let us know what you think.  Please forward your thoughts and comments to Adam Hennen at  Thank you for your feedback and continued partnership.


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Stillwater Area Lacrosse Association encourages, cultivates, and develops the interest in and appreciation of the sport of lacrosse in the Stillwater school district boundary (district 834) area.  We strive to advance the growth of both boys and girls youth lacrosse by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies.  We afford a safe and fun environment and emphasize the development of self-esteem, good sportsmanship, fitness, achievement, and affirmative values that team sports provide.  Through this positive and fun experience, we hope to participate in, cooperate with, and expose Stillwater youth to other competitive organizations throughout Minnesota.